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Kaeru is a unique collection of 5000 NFTs, living together on the Ethereum blockchain.

Kaeru is hand-drawn by Kaeru Labs crew. Every Kaeru’s identity is the combination of hand-drawn arts and one-of-a-kind algorithmic outputs, which is why each Kaeru is a rare, living, breathing, work of art, with its own unique history.

Our vision is to create the largest decentralized brand that is built and owned by the community! Join an ambitious ever-growing community!

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Story of


It all began when the frogs stumbled upon a strange-looking building on their way. It was a laboratory where Dr. Edward and Dr. Steven worked day in and day out. It was a place that did not allow any intruders to escape.
When the two scientists saw those innocent frogs, they captured them and started formulating a plan for their new experiment. The frogs realized that they were in heaps of trouble and escape was, in fact, impossible. They were chained and completely trapped, with no other choice but to resign themselves to their fate.

Dr. Edward and Dr. Steven started their work and prepared all the ingredients for the experiment.
Every day, they came close to success, or at least that is what they thought. However, on one fateful day, something happened that they could never have imagined. They had not realized
what they had managed to create, and they never got the opportunity to stop what was about to happen.

Just like any other day, they were working in the laboratory when suddenly, the substance that they had been preparing started glowing. It was not what they had expected, so they were helpless to stop what happened next.
The glow brightened, illuminating the entire laboratory, and the substance bubbled over the test tube, spreading around the laboratory and corroding everything in its path.

The scientists retreated, but there was nowhere to go. The substance was eating away at the entire laboratory and its equipment. Nothing remained in its wake, not even the walls. Just then, Dr. Edward and Dr. Steven noticed something. The frogs were growing and getting bigger with every second. They were furious, not only with the scientists but with everyone and everything for what they had suffered. The chains broke because they could no longer hold the frogs captive; they had grown too large, and there was nothing that could stop them from becoming a threat to the entire world!

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Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3


1.1 Community first

Everything starts and ends with the community. The moment we prioritize something other than the community will be the beginning of the end. We won't let that happen, because we'll always have community as the #1 value of Kaeru Club NFT.

1.2 Dope sh*t only

Kaeru is creative, brave, relentless. It's easy to follow trends and improve incrementally. It's harder to be original and do dope sh*t. We pave our own path.


2.1 Full-time moderation team

Mods help protect and grow our community, the most valuable part of Kaeru. We've recently brought on a group of paid full-time and part-time mods. In an effort to professionalize community management in the NFT space, Kaeru mods have daily calls within the Community and Product teams, work set hours, take regular breaks, and spend time off-screen.


3.1 Where is the metaverse today and where is it going?

The metaverse today is where we currently spend most of our time: Discord + Twitter. How do we amplify this experience for Kaeru members? How do we distribute the brand to places that have the most attention today? More importantly, where will the metaverse be one year+ from now?

3.1 Game - In Progress

Many will try to create one, but few teams have the experience and background to build a genuninely great game with mass market appeal and scalability. Though the core team has the experience, it's a huge endeavor nonetheless. Kaeru Labs team has experience in building another level games and our game is already in progress. Stay tuned!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Kaeru Club NFTs are 5,000 randomly generated crazy frogs, with proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum network, as an ERC 721 mint. Kaeru Club NFTs are characterized by insane strengths, featured in four types of rarity categories, resulting in multiple interesting trait combinations and lesser chances of minting the rarest class of the Kaeru Club NFTs of the 10 Memorable frogs.

Once minted or bought simply connect to your OpenSea account to view your NFTs.

Owning a Kaeru Club NFT comes with full copyright claims and user sovereignty over the public key it is tied to. What this means is that any Kaeru Club holder has the absolute right to use it as they see fit; from profile pictures to the choice of auctioning it out for sale. A holder can also stake them and earn passively on them.

The second-market royalties is 7.5% which is used to finance common projects, marketing campaigns, floor sweeps, community building events, and other projects that will strengthen the longevity of The Kaeru Club. It also serves as a great incentive to holders.

Join our Discord and open a support ticket, our team is available!

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